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Pink Pram

[ReviewAZON asin="B002PMTQEW"]TAKO LIMITED EDITION Jumper X.The complete travel system.We really can`t express the quality of these beautiful & exceptionally well made prams.Only the finest materials & luxury fabrics are used in this true child carrying masterpiece.It can be used as a pram or easily switched to a luxury pushchair. Also the car seat can be easily clipped to the main frame.[/ReviewAZON]

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A pink pram appears to have become the most popular colour pick for parents who have a little girl. We often wonder why pink has for as long as we remember been the most chosen colour for a girl whilst blue is the one usually chosen if the baby is a boys? It is possible to get all baby items in pink or blue.

There are many different types of strollers, buggies and prams that you can buy at present. Most of the leading manufacturers like Tako, OBaby and Hauck make a pink model.

Some of the main things that you should think about in selecting your buggy are type of wheel, the chassis, ease of use, tyres, colour and, most importantly, comfort and safety for baby. Let’s look at them individually.

We mentioned the colour before and even though this site is mostly about pink, you can of course buy a pram in blue, black or any other colour that you want.

For buggies it is possible to buy wheels that do not swivel, some that twist a little for manoeuvrability right through to those that twist around 360 degrees. The basic wheels are perfectly alright and good if the price is a major factor. The more advanced ones give more options if you want extra flexibility when pushing. Another thing to think about is how many wheels you want to have. Some pink prams are three wheelers whilst the majority have four.

Pink Pram

On pink prams, different kinds of tyres are used for different surfaces that you might need to go across. The more expensive strollers have suspension and air tyres so that whatever terrain you want to pass across, the ride is comfortable, stable and safer for your baby while being better for the parent to push also.

There are basically two types of buggy chassis, those that fold and the others that do not. Nowadays they all have a chassis sufficiently strong to put up with the wear and tear that they will have to put up with.

Of course while the baby is the most important, you also want to make sure that it easy for mum or dad to use. There are lots of additions which can be added such as adjustable handles or shopping baskets. There are also extras that help your child as well such as foot muffs and a rain cover. When comparing prices always check if these are included in the price. Sometimes you have to pay for them separately.

If you will want to take the pink buggy on public transport a lot, or even put it in the boot of the car, it is probably best to ensure that you get a foldable one.

Hopefully, now, after reading to the end of this page, you have a better plan for the different points that you will need to think about when choosing the stroller you are going to get. Perhaps it will be one a pink pram.